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"We have been with FirstDigital since 2003. From the beginning of our partnership they designed a network infrastructure specifically suited to our needs with technology ahead of it's time. As our needs have evolved so have FirstDigital's offerings and services. They have accommodated our every need without the need to renegotiate our contracts. They have constantly strived to improve our network infrastructure to provide the best most reliable service they can.

Whenever problems arise they take full responsibility of correcting the issues. I make one call and they do all the work to get us back up and running.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with FirstDigital and value our relationship with them as one of our best."

- Trent Jensen

"We are a startup business that grew from five lines to fifteen lines in one year. First digital's pricing, quality, and service were extraordinary. Their service techs are amazing and we are very happy with our choice of first digital in a very crowded marketplace. We solidly qualify as a very loyal and satisfied customer!"

- John Morris

"My experience with First Digital comes from both using First Digital service at our business and recommending and working with First Digital at dozens of our customers sites. As a commercial telecom and IT provider it is imperative that our service work. We have been with First Digital for well over three years now and have never had a service impacting issue at our office. I have also recommended First Digital to dozens of our customers ranging from small offices to large corporations with multiple sites. First Digital has by far been the easiest company to work with from an implementation and service standpoint. Having spent well over 15 years in the telecom and IT industry, I can say that I don't know of a company I would recommend as highly as First Digital to provide your local, long distance and internet service."  

- Paul James

'"I'm the IT Manager for a local business. First Digital has provided us excellent digital services. We have two locations and have a QMOE line going into each location. We also have 32 SIP trunks and a dozen or so copper lines through them.

Our internet services started with their high-end wireless and then graduated to a more enterprise level fiber connection. We have gone from running our PBX off of a dedicated T1 to running SIP trunks over our QMOE connection. This has been a great solution for us. Our speeds are consistently what we pay for and our phone calls are almost always clear and reliable.

My experience with First Digital's customer support has been nothing short of awesome. I have personally dealt with their network engineers who were AMAZING. When I first started this job I had to make sense of all our connections. They spent the time with me on the phone to help me get a clear understanding of all connectivity.

I have also dealt with some of their phone techs, installers, and support staff. All have been attentive and have seemed to really want to resolve the problem de jour."

- Jared Luker

"First Digital Telecom has been our phone and internet provider for over 2 years. Our success in business is a direct correlation to our internet and phone systems, and we had our best year ever in 2013 and we expect continued growth and success in 2014, largely due to the excellent service and support of our partner, First Digital Telecom. I highly recommend their leading edge technology and products, not to mention their incredible service, to all companies in the intermountain area."

- Dave P.