Web Hosting

Establish, maintain and build a Web presence with hosting services that meet your business needs.

Email Hosting

Email services for 1 or 1,000s of accounts. Spam filtering to prevent unwanted emails and to preserve your valuable business time.

Managed Hosting

FirstDigital will monitor your server for you, so you may spend your valuable time concentrating on your core business.

Data Center Solutions

FirstDigital’s Data Center Co-location provides a secure, protected, and environmentally controlled facility for our customers to place their critical database and server operating applications. With redundant OC level access, 24 × 7 × 365 professional services and monitoring availability, as well as a highly secure physical environment, FirstDigital’s Data Center Co-location provides a solution to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements impacting multiple industries. As customers develop and grow applications and services that require greater uptime and higher amounts of Internet access bandwidth, they will seek to locate their servers in a carrier-grade data center. For many customers, co-locating is a more cost-effective way to provide large amounts of bandwidth to servers, while improving the likelihood that a server will not be interrupted by loss of power, HVAC, or local loops.


  • The standard electrical circuit is 20 amps/110 volts of AC power and is supplied to each cage and cabinet by two separate circuits, which is in turn fed by three power substations. DC power is also available.
  • The facility is supported by a bank of UPS units to ensure consistent power quality to customer servers and supporting network equipment.
  • The facility also has redundant back-up generators capable of supplying a full load to the facility within 14 seconds of being activated. The back-up generators are designed to provide power for a prolonged period of time including contracts for continued refueling.


  • In addition to 24/7 security personnel, access to the data center floor is controlled by an access badge reader and electronic code pad.
  • Cages and cabinets are locked and require an escort for access.
  • Video monitors and motion detectors are placed throughout the data center and/or around the building perimeter.

Fire Suppression

IFM 200 provides fire suppression and is not charged with water. When activated, the system isolates trouble areas and extinguishes the fire without the use of water.


  • FirstDigital’s Gateway facility features redundant Internet connections to multiple Tier 1 Internet backbone providers with over 100 Gig of bandwidth capacity.
  • In the LAN environment, each cabinet is connected to redundant core routers by a meshed, redundant switching fabric through either Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet connections.
  • In the WAN environment, the FirstDigital fiber is connected to the data center by multiple, physically diverse, fiber pathways.
  • Each fiber pathway is lit with an OC-48 and interconnects with all major carrier networks for local loop and long-haul connections.