Why You Should Choose Cisco Webex Provided by FirstDigital

While Cisco Webex has been recognized industry-wide with a multitude of awards, there’s also something to be said about the praise given by everyday users, such as Ellen Degeneres:  “Something undeniably powerful happens when you bring people from all over […]

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While Cisco Webex has been recognized industry-wide with a multitude of awards, there’s also something to be said about the praise given by everyday users, such as Ellen Degeneres: 

“Something undeniably powerful happens when you bring people from all over the place into the studio. Cisco gave The Ellen Show that power to connect the fans all over the world so they could be part of the group and feel the warmth and the fun that everybody has when they come to the show.” -The Ellen Degeneres Show

For bringing people together and increasing productivity, there simply is no better option than Cisco Webex provided by FirstDigital.

Here are the details you need to know about this best-in-class choice for all your business communications.

Cisco Webex Provided by FirstDigital Explained

Cisco Webex provided by FirstDigital is a suite of services geared toward enabling better business communications. Features such as cloud calling, video conferencing, and integrated tools allow people from every office location and around the world to collaborate as a team, ensuring increased productivity and strengthened business relationships.

Cisco Webex provided by FirstDigital provides:

  • Proven industry leadership
  • Global presence and scale
  • Flexibility to expand and grow
  • Industry-leading network security
  • Continued innovation for a better experience

Cisco Webex Provided by FirstDigital Explored

Cisco Webex provided by FirstDigital can literally handle any call, meeting, or conference need. Dynamic and intuitive features simplify the experience for every participant with speaker tracking and auto-framing so it feels as if you are all in the same room. 

We also know security is a top priority and it’s not taken lightly. From participant authentication to content sharing, Webex offers a scalable architecture, consistent availability, and multilayer tenant security validated by rigorous independent audits so you can know every conversation is for authorized attendees only.

To explore further, here is a bit more about a few key features.

Cloud Calling

Cloud Calling is your phone system in the cloud. With all the benefits of a traditional phone system (without all the complexity of managing and securing it), every calling essential is available to meet your business needs. 

Cloud Calling essentials include:

  • High-Quality Audio
  • Pickup, Hold, Resume, Forward, Transfer
  • Hunt Groups
  • Do-Not-Disturb
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Self-Care Portal (employees can choose basic settings themselves)

Video Conferencing

Meet face to face, wherever you are, with high-quality and clear Video Conferencing. The simple push of a button (no need to dial in or download), allows anyone to host or join a meeting and have instant access to participants’ company and background. 

It’s easy to get everyone on the same page by sharing your screen, document, spreadsheet, or application. Hosts can also record the meeting for later reference. 

Team Collaboration

How likely are Cisco Collaboration organizations to recommend it? Ninety-one percent. That’s because Team Collaboration speeds up projects, solves business challenges, and builds better relationships.

Secure group messaging allows team members to send important information via direct and team messages. Responding, flagging, following up on, keeping track of, and saving conversations is easy. Also available is the option to use interactive drawing right in the chat window to explain an idea in a way that’s better than words. 

When it comes to file sharing and screen sharing, it’s quick and simple. Files are neatly organized, searchable, and saved right alongside the conversation. 

Conference Devices

While having a meeting in your office is sometimes necessary, hosting or joining a meeting while on the go is sometimes necessary too. Conference Devices allow you to seamlessly switch to any mobile device, join meetings, share content, and gather real-time information about room occupancy and engagement collected through our intelligent cameras and microphones. When not in use, Conference Devices are enabled to be used for digital signage.  

Cisco WebEx provided by FirstDigital offers a variety of Conference Devices to assist any meeting need:

  • IP Phones: A five-line endpoint with superior audio performance and high-quality HD video communications.
  • Headsets: Portfolios include the 530 and 560 headset families which are fully integrated with the WebEx suite. This improves IT management and user experience.
  • Webex Board: An all-in-one collaboration device for wireless presenting, digital whiteboarding, and video conferencing. Remote participants can easily create, modify, and move sticky notes. In addition, the new Companion Mode allows multiple video content sources to be viewed as an immersive experience, while creating rich engagement.
  • Webex Room: A multipurpose meeting room.
  • DX80: An all-in-one collaboration device for seamless transitions in your workspace.
  • Webex Camera: Designed to work in any meeting space for an optimized video experience.
  • Webex Room Kit: Enables video in small meeting spaces by adding it to an existing screen.
  • Webex Share: Enables high-quality, cable-free wireless sharing to any HDMI-display.

Why Your Business Needs to Use Cisco Webex Provided by FirstDigital

As a one-stop-shop for an organization’s every collaboration need, Cisco Webex provided by FirstDigital is the solution that provides not only the tools for calling and meetings, but also the means required to succeed.

Increased Productivity

Being laser-focused during meetings delivers the best possible results. Having intuitive, easy, and smart software that just works, allows your team to do just that. 

Meeting capacity is extremely high:

  • Up to 1,025 concurrent users in a single meeting
  • Up to 3,000 for events
  • More than 40,000 for webcasts
  • Training sessions with up to 7 breakout sessions

It’s easy to schedule and join meetings from any device and with a powerful background noise detection, there are fewer distractions. Each user gets a virtual personal meeting room complete with a customizable address. Webex users can utilize live motion video at 30 frames per second, share whiteboards and annotations irrespective of device or client, scale the meeting quickly, and do it all securely. 

With remote support, staff and customers can get all questions addressed, fast fixes performed, remote computers accessed, software upgraded, and service to internal and external clients provided . . . all in real-time.

All of these add up to a more efficient, more effective meeting for everyone every time.

Strengthened Business Relationships

According to surveyed organizations, 93% believe that using video in their meetings improves interactions and strengthens their business relationships. 

With workplaces expanding faster and further than ever, virtual meetings have become essential. Avoiding a poor quality meeting and a negative experience does nothing for embracing far-flung attendees. However, real-time content sharing and collaboration make attending meetings from a distance not only possible (using global data centers), but positive and profitable. 

Integrated Tools

A truly innovative experience, Webex is a unified platform that can seamlessly integrate with a whole host of other software tools. This includes:

  • Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.
  • Learning management systems like Canvas and Moodle.
  • Calendaring through Outlook, Office 365, Google, Lotus, and more.
  • Enterprise Content Management with OneDrive and Sharepoint online (soon Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox integrations).
  • A full set of cloud-based meet, message, and business processes with CUCM/HCS installation.
  • Existing third-party calling clients such as Skype for Business.
  • Chat in Jabber. 

Get a Quote for Cisco Webex Provided by FirstDigital

If you need proof that Cisco Webex provided by FirstDigital is the right choice for you, consider their staggering statistics:

  • 27+ million meetings
  • 125+ billion global meeting minutes
  • 200 million users every month
  • 15 billion calls and 48 billion messages sent annually
  • 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using video-enabled Cisco collaboration solutions.

If these numbers have you convinced, get a quote from a FirstDigital Solution Specialist who will build you a package that fits your business!