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What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN, or Software Defined Wide Area Network, is designed to address network problems associated with limited WAN capability, such as:

  • Network congestion
  • Packet delay variation
  • Packet loss
  • Service outages

These issues are resolved by using SD-WAN to enhance (or replace) traditional routers with virtualization appliances. This allows higher performance for lower costs.

Traditional WAN vs. SD-WAN

A traditional WAN connection includes broadband internet, 4G, LTE, or MPLS. These are used to connect offices or data centers to a central network. SD-WAN doesn’t use these traditional connections; it uses the internet or cloud-native private networks for virtual connection instead.

How Does an SD-WAN Work?

An SD-WAN works by utilizing software and a centralized control function to handle priority-based traffic, service quality, and security requirements. An SD-WAN virtualizes traditional WAN services and treats them as a resource pool. Then, advanced software-driven security and performance features ensure application performance meets SLAs (service level agreements).

Benefits of SD-WAN

SD-WAN technology comes with many benefits to businesses, such as significant flexibility and agility. Other more specific benefits include:

  • Lowered Cost: Bandwidth is increased while costs are lowered with a removal of expensive routing hardware. Scalability is easier than ever.
  • Increased Reliability: With a simplified architecture, network visibility and reliability are improved and responsiveness is enhanced.
  • Added Security: Threats are reduced when all security policies are accounted for and applied automatically.

Why Choose FirstDigital SD-WAN For Your Business

Seamless Failover

FirstDigital supports multiple network connections, affording worry-free reliability and a seamless failover so that integral parts of mission-critical systems remain constantly available. This is achieved by automatically offloading system components and tasks to a standby system while integration is taking place, allowing normal functions to be maintained no matter what is happening during the equipment and software transition.

Application Performance Monitoring

With real-time application performance monitoring, visibility into network and application performance means delivery of pertinent information needed to optimize your connection. Application performance monitoring tracks key metrics, and keeps track of such things like slow page speeds, server CPU, web server access logs, error rates, and network traffic. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to see if your IT environment is meeting performance standards, helps you identify issues, and provides a flawless user experience.

Simplified Branch Network

Delivering a single, easy-to-manage network that provides a unified approach to cloud management and policy enforcement, SD-WAN optimizes WAN utilization by integrating multiple services and eliminating onsite appliances. Straightforward operations, reduced hardware costs, and better-structured bandwidth utilization are the outcomes of a simplified branch network. Additionally, a simplified branch network augments multi-site network configuration and provisioning, and comes with centralized monitoring and troubleshooting.

Cost Savings

Recognizing cost savings while retaining robust connectivity of a secure and redundant network, regardless of business size, is a realization that comes with FirstDigital Network’s SD-WAN. Not only is expensive routing hardware removed, but connectivity via the cloud allows for scalability like never before. Mix and match transports based on availability and new connections can be quickly made to any remote location. This provides increased flexibility during peak-and-valley demand, avoiding over provisioning and saving even more money.

Zero-Touch Deployment

By deploying, configuring, and authenticating automatically over a secure internet connection within a connected grid network, the entire process is streamlined and accessible from any network point. The advantages of zero-touch deployment are that it reduces the time to operation, eliminates human errors, makes equipment upgrades easier, and reduces technical problems. Taken together, you can expect a significant time and cost savings.


SD-WAN integrates next-generation firewall for enhancing security and control over business applications. By using both cloud security as well as on-prem security, access to the internet and SaaS applications are kept secure. In addition to URL filtering and malware sandboxing, SD-WAN access meets onsite, on-demand compliance.

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