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Experience high-quality HD voice and video from any device


Communicate effectively and  efficiently with 1:1 group chat and SMS texting


Enhance and energize video conferencing using HD voice, voice messaging and screen sharing

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Enhance productivity and collaboration while you work from anywhere on your iOS and Android smartphones or tablets

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Integrate business apps to organize your relevant emails and files, giving you more time to complete tasks and assignments

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  • Industry-leading voice and data network
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Six Benefits of Cloud Communications

1. Easier Meetings

Webex is so simple and intuitive to use that your employees won’t waste time trying to figure it out or on hold with the help desk. Webex’s interface just makes sense, and that allows your employees to put their time and energy into accomplishing their collaboration objectives.

2. Higher Mobility for Employees

A quality, mobile-enabled software suite can let your employees meet from anywhere and any time in the world. There’ll be no more excuses for being late or missing a meeting. They can even start a meeting on a smartphone and transition to a laptop during a meeting. They can also use devices that are not designated for work. Give them more options and flexibility, and they’ll give you their best work.

3. High-Definition Video and Audio

By maintaining data centers all over the world, a cloud-based collaboration network can maintain high-quality video and audio with no frustrating delays or glitches. Even when many different employees in various global locations need to join a meeting, they’ll all still see the best video and hear the best audio that’s available.

4. More Productive Meetings

Your meetings and collaboration will be more efficient when your software doesn’t cause interruptions or delays. A unified communications platform gives the same collaboration tools to everyone, provides a simple, intuitive interface, and provides quick and easy connections at the scheduled meeting time.

5. Easier Remote Collaboration

Powerful cloud communications on a shared platform makes remote and geographically scattered employees feel like part of one team. They trust each other more and are able to get to know each other, which encourages better working relationships, allowing them to focus just on their mutual goals.

6. Collaboration Between Employees, Guests, and Customers

Amazingly, your employees can now work with guest collaborators and even with clients and customers. You can create higher-quality work when you’re able to include voices from remote workers, consultants, and valued clients.

Connected While on the Go

Staying connected with employees who work remotely increases productivity and reduces workforce management frustration.

Excessive collaborative apps cause fragmented communication resulting in poor teamwork, broken processes, missed expectations, lost productivity, and slow responses to customers.

FirstDigital mobile first Webex solution streamlines your communication to one unified application on any device.

Integrate cloud communication apps, such as Google G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, and Twitter into a single unified view.

What Are Cloud Communications?

Cloud communications occur in a hosting environment that provides servers, storage, data security, email, backup, data recovery, voice, and other communication resources. Basically, cloud communications are internet-based communications. The cloud’s environment is instant, flexible, scalable, and secure.

Cloud communications providers own and maintain servers, giving access to all the above through their services. Customer costs are lowered when utilizing cloud communication services because they are hosted, managed, and maintained by the provider.

For the purpose of this article, cloud communications cover methods such as voice, email, chat, video, and other collaboration efforts all integrated together in one application to eliminate communication lag, offer greater productivity, and bring people together from anywhere on nearly any device.

Why Businesses Need to Collaborate In the Cloud

Shifting away from a traditional phone system saves businesses on their communication costs because there is less infrastructure to invest in, no expensive long-distance phone bills, a smaller data center footprint, and fewer IT support needs.
Other reasons businesses should collaborate in the cloud are as follows:

  • It Offers Business-Rich Features: Workforce management tools include high-quality video conferencing, content sharing, and seamless integration with third-party calendar, chat, and other oft-used software programs.
  • It Enables a Remote and Global Workforce: With the cloud, there is no need for a VPN or separately installed phone lines to connect employees with their work. Now, the barriers have come down and meeting and collaborating with team members, wherever they are, is easy and productive—often more productive, in fact, than making everyone drop everything they’re doing for multiple physical meetings each day.
  • It Supports Growth: To ensure a highly available, highly scalable infrastructure, the cloud is key. The scalability of the cloud is just about endless. No matter your need, whether you size up, downsize, specialize, or refocus, the flexibility and consistency of the cloud are always there to ensure your needs are met with ease.
  • It Increases Efficiency and Productivity: With options such as whiteboarding, file-sharing, and all-in-one communication capabilities, work can get done fast. Less time is spent problem-solving technical glitches and trying to explain complex ideas. Instead, problem-free technology and real-time video and content-sharing communication help the work keep moving at an unprecedented pace.

Eliminate Barriers to Mobility

Static office tools, such as corporate directories, documents, and schedules, restrict the ever-increasing demand for mobility.  FirstDigital’s unified Cloud Communication Suite redefines the office by mobilizing your office tools when you’re away from your desk.

Quickly search contacts and then swipe for the applicable emails, documents or schedules. Make calls from your mobile phone with your work number, while maintaining the privacy of your mobile number. The solution is one phone!

Business Done the Right Way

Achieve peak employee performance using FirstDigital’s Webex Cloud Communications Suite with its reliable calling, messaging, conferencing, presence, and collaboration through customer engagement solutions.

FirstDigital’s Webex Cloud Communications Suite keeps employees connected and performing at their optimum.

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