Infrastructure Management

FirstDigital Telecom provides infrastructure management for some of the largest real estate developments in the Western United States.

One Solution

It is common for several telecommunications vendors to seek access to a single office building. Having one infrastructure and riser management company ensures an organized, clean, and properly wired and labeled telecommunications system. It also provides tenants with products not normally available in a multiple telecom provider environment.

This fact benefits developers and property managers in a couple of ways. It provides the opportunity for revenue sharing and facilitates a competitive advantage to developers and property managers over other developments by providing tenants with a fiber-based future-ready digital infrastructure that allows for a variety of voice products, affordable Internet bandwidth, and TV upgrades.


FirstDigital, with the approval of the developer, will:

  • Install a fiber-based redundant infrastructure. Due to its fiber-based nature, the network is future-ready (unlimited bandwidth and services) and upgradeable. The network infrastructure allows for state-of-the-art products and services including IP, ATM, TDM, SIP, MPLS and Private Managed Network.
  • Design and engineer a Communications Distribution System (Telecommunications Riser) tailored to tenant needs throughout the building.
  • Maintain and manage the telecommunications infrastructure throughout the development.
  • At tenants’ request, extend fiber to the tenant space for their secure use.
  • Manage the way in which other telecom providers interface with the development.

Tenant Services

All tenant services will be available to the tenants within days instead of weeks or months. FirstDigital will have the following services available to tenants as a result of our infrastructure:

  • Voice Services including Basic Business Lines, Enhanced features, Channel Banks, Digital trunks, ISDN-PRI, VoIP, SIP trunks, Alarm Lines, Security Lines.
  • Long Distance Services including switched (1+direct dial), dedicated long distance, international long distance, inbound 800/866/877/888 service, and international toll-free service.
  • Dedicated Internet Access Services including T1, Ethernet burstable to GigE, DS3, and OC3.
  • Transport Services including private line, metro Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, Sonet, and MPLS.
  • Interconnection to other carriers.
  • TV Services including Digital and HDTV.
  • Integrated Voice & Data Services including channelized facilities or dynamically-allocated bandwidth between voice and Internet.
  • Hosting and Co-location Services including Web hosting, E-mail hosting, Managed Servers, Secured rack/cage space.

Marketing Agreement

Developer typically agrees to:

  • Endorse FirstDigital as the preferred provider for the development.
  • Exclusively endorse FirstDigital as the management company for the telecommunications facilities of the development which includes the way in which other carriers will interconnect with the development
  • FirstDigital agrees to provide marketing materials to the sales team about the fiber-based infrastructure and the services available to tenants.

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