Terms and Conditions For FirstDigital Customers

Thank you for choosing FirstDigital for your vital technology needs. As a customer, your contract with FirstDigital consists of your Service Agreement (“SA”), Universal Terms of Service (hereinafter, “UTOS,” or “Terms,” or “Agreement”), and/or your Hosted Service Terms Agreement (“HSTA”), and incorporates by reference the Additional Terms and Conditions below (hereinafter, the “Additional Terms”), FirstDigital’s Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP,”) applicable Service Level Agreements (“SLA,”) Customer Proprietary Network Information Policy (“CPNI,”), Privacy Policy (PP,”) Equipment Rental Agreement (“ERA,”) and 911 Disclosure Notice and Acknowledgement (“911 DNA”).
Please read the additional terms, along with FirstDigital’s AUP, SLA, CPNI, PP, ERA, and 911 DNA as listed below, as these govern the relationship between you (the “customer”) and FirstDigital. By executing the service agreement, the customer agrees to the UTOS, AUP, SLA, SPNI, PP, ERA, 911 DNA, and where applicable the HSTA as set forth below. FirstDigital may change the UTOS additional terms, service exhibits, SOW, AUP, SLA, SPNI, PP, ERA, HTSA, and 911 DNA and other schedules listed below at any time. You should check this site frequently for the most up to date information. Your continued use of the services constitutes your agreement to FirstDigital’s terms and conditions that are in effect at the time you use the services.
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