Connect with Cloud Communications

Use your mobile phone for work or play with FirstDigital’s communication platform, Webex.

With Webex, you only need one phone for business and personal use. It uses your business number when you’re calling a customer, so you maintain a professional image while keeping your mobile number private.

Webex Delivers

Instant Messaging

When talking isn’t convenient, quickly send a chat to anyone in your corporate directory.

Jump Into a Virtual Meeting Room

Meet at any time with colleagues and guests for a productive and engaging meeting.

Access Your Corporate Directory

Finding colleagues is super easy – simply search and Connect will find them within seconds.

Set Call Forwarding

Can’t accept calls right now? You decide when and where your calls should be forwarded someplace else.

Make and Receive Business Calls

Call your colleagues from your personal smartphone, over the cellular network or VoIP with audio or HD video.

Move Your Call with You

Simply pull the call to your phone and keep the conversation going.

View Your Call Log

Missed a call? No worries – Webex will track and log them for you.

Maintain Your Business Identity

“Dual persona” lets you use one phone for business and personal. Friends and family see one number, while business associates see another.

Meet your communication and collaboration needs.

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