Director of Account Management

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Position Summary:

Lead a team of Account managers with the purpose of maximizing FirstDigital’s  value with our customer through resigning current service contracts, selling additional products and services designed to the meet their NOC (needs, opportunities and challenges) and maintaining an active pulse on the customers experience with FirstDigital.  The Sales Leader will posses and maintain expertise in FirstDigital’s products, services, sales process, Life Cycle and Strategic Partner process and utilize this knowledge to inspire and inform customers, coworkers and strategic partners on innovative solutions to address business outcomes.  A successful candidate will be a strong Sales and Support leader, a self-starter, a great collaborator who thrives in an Agile environment, with hands on experience and responsibility for maximizing FirstDigital’s Value with our customers.  The best candidates are those who posses these leadership traits, have a strong telecom and Cloud Collaboration background, pride themselves on reliability, integrity, the ability to perform under pressure, and thrive in an Agile environment.


  1. Strong leadership skills
  2. Proficient in transaction and solution sales process
  3. Proficient in excel, word and PowerPoint
  4. Experience in selling and supporting Telecom and SaaS products
  5. Strong organizational and delegation skills
  6. Detailed oriented
  7. Strong follow up skills
  8. Experience in database support systems such as salesforce

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Training
    1. Product
    2. NOC (Needs opportunities Challenges)
  2. Mentoring
  3. Create and Cultivate a positive engaging culture
    1. Ensure Right People Right Roll
    2. Creating a Unified Focus
    3. Create Metrics that matter
    4. Create cadence and accountability
    5. Take Action (Coach to the Metrix)
    6. Ensure your teams success
    7. Positive mentoring
  4. Build Relationships with FirstDigital Account Executives and their Strategic Customers
    1. Build comprehensive NOC’s for each strategic partner (larger than $2,000 in business or over 100 employees).
    2. Facilitate relationship building with executives across all business units in the strategic partners companies.
    3. Bring correct resources to meet customers NOC.
    4. Personally assist team members in strengthening their strategic partnerships.
    5. Assist in building a digital marketing campaign to strengthen relationships with customers.
    6. Database management.
      1. Product mix by customers.
      2. Match and align right Customer Success Associate with customers, to ensure customer receives the appropriate care.
    7. Coach team members to gage the customers experience and identify resources to increase the customers experience if needed.
  5. Sales Management
  6. Identify, hire and mentor the right team
  7. Assign and help develop:
    1. Strategic partnerships with sales team
    2. Build a product matrix for each customer
  8. Build named accounts for account executives
  9. Coach and mentor to FirstDigital sales process
  10. Reporting for department with emphasis on renewing accounts and increasing the customers wallet share
  11. Develop team WIG and coach team members to those WIG’s
    1. Coach to lead measures
    2. Create and coach from reports generated via salesforce which tie to team WIG
  12. Be available for strategic sales appointments
  13. Keep team focus on optimizing new product offerings within the customer base and contract renewals
  14. Maximize customer opportunities and revenues
  15. Task Management and Follow up
    1. Ensure accountability
  16. Account Review/NOC Meetings
  17. Renewal and upsell pipeline management
  • Forecast
  1. Sales process
  2. Be available to Account Executives to help escalate issues that may arise.


  1. Salary + Commissions
  2. Full health/dental benefits
  3. 401 (k) plan with company match
  4. Annual performance incentives
  5. Auto Allowance
  6. Generous Paid Time Off
  7. Flexible Work Environment